ABIOVE - Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais

Soy Moratorium

On July 2006, ABIOVE (Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industry Association) and ANEC (Brazilian Grain Exporters Association), and their respective member companies, pledged not to trade and finance soy originated after that date in deforested areas within the Amazon Biome.

This unique initiative, known as the “Soy Moratorium”, seeks to reconcile environmental preservation with the region's economic development, through the responsible and sustainable use of Brazil's natural resources. It also answered questions brought by environmental groups and Brazilian clients abroad regarding new rules to the sustainable production and commercialization of soybean and its by-products.

In the last five years the monitoring of the Soy Moratorium showed evidences that the soybean cultivation has a minimal participation in the deforestation made after July 2006 in the Amazon Biome areas as can be seen in the article published in the Remote Sensing (http://www.mdpi.com/2072-4292/3/1/185/) Therefore we can state that the soybean production expansion has no impact in the deforestation of the Amazon Biome.

Statements and Renewals

Monitoring of Soy Moratorium - 8th Year
In Brasília today (05/09/2016), the Soy Task Force (GTS) announced the renewal of its zero deforestation pact in the Amazon Biome, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary.

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Monitoring of Soy Moratorium - Seventh Year
The Soy Moratorium will remain in effect until Dec 31, 2014. However, because of the need to perfect the official governance system for land use and occupation in the Amazon Biome the Soy Moratorium will go through a transition period until May, 2015

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